1 page assignment 13

In the next week you will conduct an interview with a board member of a human service organization. By the end of this week, you are required to submit your selection and your interview arrangements to ensure that the plans are in place to complete the interview by the end of next week.

  • In a one-page paper, submit the name of the board member of a human service agency you have chosen for your interview (I would like to request that you select a mental health and/or substance abuse agency).
  • Describe this agency and why you have selected this leader (board member).
  • Submit at least five (5) questions for your interview. (Note: You will be interviewing the board member to gain his/her perspective on the relationship between the board and the Executive Director of the agency you have selected. Your questions should allow the board member to describe the challenges and opportunities associated with membership on a human service agency board).