1 page current event debate

Current Event Debate

The chapter is about regional and global integration. This integration started from Roman Empire, then progressed tremendously during the Industrial Revolution, but paused by two world wars. It was not until the recent technology that advanced globalization at unparalleled level. But now we are facing COVID-19 pandemic, which is another pause in globalization.

“COVID-19 is the biggest threat to globalization that we’ve seen in decades. It will take years, maybe even a decade, but we will be back on the globalization road eventually,”

Do you agree or disagree to the above statement? This assignment requires you to make your own arguments based on the knowledge you have gained so far from the course content and external readings.

Please pay attention there is no right or wrong answer, as a matter of fact, this topic is the current debate among scholars, policy makers and world leaders. Join the debate, show your critical thinking skill and have fun – it is a challenging assignment!