2 7 chapter 4 assignment

In a few sentences, please respond to each of the following questions. Up to 10 points can be earned for a completed assignment, with partial credit available for incomplete responses.

  • Identify and describe the key structures and functions of a neuron that enable us to experience neural communication such as dendrites, axon, nucleus, myelin sheath, axon terminals and synaptic gaps
  • Discuss how neural signaling among the neurons takes place including how an action potential is generated within the neuron
  • Identify and describe the two major divisions of the nervous system (central and peripheral nervous system) and differentiate between the somatic and autonomic divisions as well as the sympathetic and parasympathetic parts of the autonomic nervous system
  • Identify and describe the significant structures of the forebrain, the midbrain and the hindbrain including key structures for each division (such as the hypothalamus, thalamus, cerebral cortex, limbic system, etc.)
  • Identify and describe several approaches to understanding biological psychology
  • Identify and describe the purpose of each gland of the endocrine system
  • Identify and describe several key neurotransmitters and role that each plays