2 a 3 page informal report this informal report is intended to be a brief capstone of english 301 writing for the professions

Everything needed is in the attached document below. 1.A 3-page Informal Report. This Informal Report is intended to be a brief capstone of English 301, Writing for the Professions.


Planning and Evaluating Informal Reports

  • Who is the audience for your report? Are the audience members knowledgeable about the topic?
  • What specifically have your readers requested? Are there legal or rule-based requirements at your company or organization that determine the information needed in your report?
  • Have you selected the right medium — email, memo, company report template, website, or letter — for your readers?
  • Does your introduction frame the topic for your audience and provide necessary background information?
  • Do your graphics depict the findings accurately and clearly for your intended audience?
  • Is the report well organized, and does it provide sufficient details so that your audience can interpret your findings, conclusions, and recommendations?