2 discussions one is 125 words the other is creating a flyer

discussion 1 –

In this interactive activity, you will have the opportunity to test your knowledge about drugs and alcohol facts, and then reflect on your success in the challenge!

  1. First, take the 2017 National Drug & Alcohol IQ Challenge: https://teens.drugabuse.gov/quiz/national-drug-alcohol-facts-week/take-iq-challenge/2017
  2. In a post of a minimum of 125 words respond to the following:How did you do on the quiz? Were there any questions that you got wrong that you thought for sure you knew? What were the most surprising things that you learned? How well do you think people in your community would do on this quiz – Explain.

2 – Create a community awareness flyer –

Instructions for Community Awareness Flyer • Choose a topic related to mental health or ATOD to research for flyer assignment • Gather relevant facts and information on your chosen topic, such as: o Important statistics o Signs o Symptoms o Key attention grabbing facts (to draw attention to your flyer) The directions below will help you create the template for the flyer. Once the template has been created, you will be able to edit the document, in order to enter the information that you gathered in your research.

  • Do not use any quoted or copied material.