2000 paper on the issues of ethics focus on genomic medicine

The paper must be a minimum of 2000 words and a maximum of 2200 words, double spaced, using a size 12 font of either Times Roman or Arial, the title page, abstract page and reference page are not included in the word count. It must be submitted in WORD, not a PDF. The paper should address the issues of ethics (theory and practices in work-related aspects of society). The focus is on GENOMIC MEDICINE as it relates to ethics in today’s world.

The Paper must be written and organized according to APA format; using at least 10 different sources (minimum); that will include academic publications, national/international database, media/news reports,


Must be submitted in a Word document – PDF is not acceptable.

Minimum/Maximum length: 2000/2200 words – title page and reference pages are not included in the page count. One aspect of this assignment is learning how to consolidate and organize your paper so it stays within the limits of the 2200 word count. Must show a total word count – count does not include references.

Formatting: APA, Title page, Abstract, Header should be with the page number in the header area of the page. The paper must be grammatically correct.

References: 10 different sources 2016 and earlier