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Subject of the paper: Art

Requirement: Use the PowerPoint case-studies file posted to BB to determine the scope of the exam. You may not use the work you chose for the course project. Answer two of the following four questions using examples taken from the file; you may use any given example only once in your exam. The essays will be weighed equally in the evaluation of the exam.

On the whole, the essays must weave visual and historical aspects of the case-study and special topics works into broader social and cultural frameworks, around identity issues such as (but not necessarily limited to) politics, religion, race, etc., as prompted by the questions. The answers must be thesis-driven and supported by evidence from your class notes and assigned readings. The best exams will open with an introduction culminating in the thesis and, in the body of the essays, present sufficient evidence that sufficiently supports it. The examples you use must be those that relate best to the question, so think carefully about these choices before you start writing.

The works must be analyzed both visually and contextually, to reveal what meanings the images convey, how they convey them, and why. An additional question prompts you to think about the grey areas of an argument around identity in art with a new special topic

Question 1- based on class materials ( art analysis)

Question 4 – based on the attached article

Other information: The two questions which need to be answered (each in a minimum of 1000 words is in the document attached)

The arts from the powerpoint which will be used in question 1 are the following:

1. Portrait of Mnonja -Mickalene Thomas 2010

2. Olympia – Edouard Manet, 1863

3. Self Portait as a Painter – Judith Leyster , 1630


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