201s project i am going to drag an example paper for this and powerpoint for the lessons 1

The final paper will serve as the final for the course and there will not be a compressive exam. As I mentioned in a earlier email you can pick a topic of your choice from the building industry. Examples may include but are not limited to glue lam beams, Lightweight I-joist, wooden steel trusses, lightweight steel trusses etc. The choice is yours but I would like for you to email me your topic so I know what you are writing on. If you have already emailed me your topic you do not need to send it again. Below is what I am looking for as far as requirements. The final paper is due no later than May 8th (Friday) at 5 pm.

Title Page


Reference Page (2-3 sources)

Length- Not counting the title/reference page: no minimum (but make sure you adequately cover the topic: Max 10 pages of body or 12 pages total.

Follow APA requirements

12 point font (times new roman or calibri) double spaced

Check your Grammar and sentence structure

the topic term paper on the Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

if u need to do another topic please let me know to send it.