curriculum web

You will create a curriculum web for one of the multicultural books that you have completed a book review on. It is important that you choose a book that is of high quality. You will need to include at least 2 activities for each of the centers within your classroom (Block, Art, Manipulative, Science, Writing, Housekeeping, Music, and Reading Areas). For more details, please refer to the Curriculum Web Project Assignment Requirements Page, handouts, as well as the Grading Rubric for this project.

Here you will create a curriculum web that will cover 1 week of lessons. You will complete a web as well as a write up that will indicate your lesson for each day of the week, what areas of development it addresses (health/safety, social/emotional, mathematics, lang. and literacy, etc.), the material used, and the steps to conduct the lesson.

Attatched is the Literacy Review Assignment that I have completed a book review on. If you want to choose a different childrens Multicultural book that is of High quality go for it!