hist302 ancient rome final exam

choose one question from each of the four, two question banks (answering four question from a total of eight possible). Each of these four essays must be completed using proper citation and bibliography in a five paragraph format.

Essentially, this means that you will be writing four five paragraph essays.

Total word count for each of the four essays will be 300-350 words. Parenthetical or footnote citation and an accompanying bibliography is required for each of the four five paragraph essays.

1). How did the Romans use the culture (political forms, religion, technologies, military organizations) of their defeated enemies to shape their civilization? Please discuss two.

2). What role did the rise of strong men and dictatorship play in the decline of the Roman Republic? In your estimation, what was the most significant turning point in the period 133-31 BC?

1). Discuss the importance of the Imperial Cult from the time of Augustus onward. How was this used to control the population? What measures were taken against those who didn’t worship?

2). Discuss the period of the “Five Good Emperors” (96-180 AD)? What made them successful? Why was their rule and succession different from so many other periods?

1). Discuss the period of the Roman Middle Empire (180-264 AD). Why was this period so chaotic politically and militarily?

2). What changes were made by Diocletian in the formation of the Tetrarchy? Was this new organization of rule successful?

1). Examine the reasons for the fall the Western Roman Empire. Describe three factors that led to the decline and fall of this half of the Roman Empire. In your estimation, why did the Eastern Roman Empire survive?

2). Discuss the growth of Christianity in Rome. How did this new religion move from a small fringe movement to the most powerful religion in the Western world? What roles did powerful emperors play in Christianity’s rise to preeminence?