(CVS: The Web Strategy) case study analysis

Answer bellow case study questions: 1- Assess the potential market for an online drug chain (can you estimate the market size in dollar terms?). Where is the threat to CVS’ offline business? 2- Who are the POWERFUL players in prescription Pharmaceutical distribution process? The manufacturer? physician? PBM? MCO? employer? Drug store? patient? Government? How might these players use the internet to become even more powerful? 3- How closely should CVS integrate CVS.com into its business? What is YOUR point of view on the choices given at the end of the case. Should the merchandise strategy online be identical or different to the store strategy? Would you stock cosmetics, greeting cards, electronic greeting cards? Should online pricing conform to store pricing? How about orders placed online and picked up in-stores? 4- What would you do if you were in charge of CVS.com and had to respond to the demands of Merck-Medco?