What is VAR?

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Based on a 5 (five) asset portfolio from the same industry (preferably from Yahoo finance), perform Market risk VAR analysis (Variance- Covariance, Historical Simulation and Monte-Carlo), present your results and discuss the findings. It should be exemplary, sophisticated and highly detailed research of the VaR analysis by using real world asset class. – VAR calculate: the maximum potential loss a day – Why do we measure 2 vulitilty of assets? – How to avoid role portfolio? By calculating the risk of each asset. 1- What is VAR? 2- Market risk? 3- Limitation of VAR (discuss) o GAMA risk calculation o Standard diviation o VAR, delta 4- diversification of VAR vs. undiversification VAR. 5- Advantage and disadvantage of VAR 6- Define each module with excel examples. 7- Conclusion for each Q. (short conclusion for result) Please have a look of the example which the report should be same format of it