Sports Marketing

Submit a 1,500-word assignment that answers the following question: Wann (1995) identified a number of motivational factors that are associated with sport event attendance, including eustress; self-esteem; escape; entertainment; aesthetics; and group (social) affiliation. Choose one of these factors and undertake a review of the academic literature to better understand how this particular factor influences sport spectators. Please refer to Literature Review Assignment: Key Readings(p.11–12). You should present a short review that critically analyses this literature in respect of your chosen motivational factor. Consider extending your review by sourcing more recently published research on the topic. The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your ability to conduct a critical review of the literature. Such a review requires that you go beyond description and consider the strengths and weaknesses of the literature, the main assumptions in the research, the methods of research, the synthesis of research ideas over time, the issues and questions that have been addressed and the directions of future research in the subject.