Process Improvement Plan Statement of the Problem

The company to write about is amazon. Your process improvement plan for this organization will evaluate an area in which managers are consistently falling short of expectations. Here are a few areas that managers commonly miss the mark on: Effective motivation Sharing the vision Setting effective expectations Holding employees accountable Helping employees with career development For this assignment, you will be creating a problem statement. In order to do this you will need to: Provide a brief description of the organization you chose. Describe the problem with the current processes and why are they ineffective. Identify the organizational policies and procedures directly related to this process. Provide specific evidence-based examples that clearly show the process is the cause of the deficiencies in management. Use management theories as evidence-based examples to show the link between the deficiencies and the process. Consider reviewing David Walonick’s article, “Organizational Theory and Behavior(Links to an external site.) ,” that outlines how each management theory has been applied in the real world and the results those approaches had on the organization. Determine what ethical, legal, and social issues exist within the current process and whether or not these will be a concern when changing the process.