Reflective Analysis Abstract: Xunzi

 Description Develop the prompt that you would eventually like to write about by summarizing what you think Xunzi thinks about the topic. Describe the parts of the text that you plan to examine. Maximum word count is 500 words. Must include a complete and accurate bibliography as well as a word count at the end of the essay. Please use this as a source Xunzi, Xunzi: The Complete Text, Eric Hutton (trans) (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2016) The full assignment is split into two parts but this bid is only for the first part and if that goes well, the second one aswell: Reflective Analyses (RAs): Complete brief reflective essays on each of the four philosophers whom we will be studying. Students will receive a list of prompts at some point in the weeks preceding the due date for the abstract (Promts attached, choose one that you think is best and use that for the essay after discussing with me). The prompts provided will be very general – their purpose is to call attention to general philosophical topics rather than to dictate the content of the work. The writer will offer an interpretation of what a particular figure has to say about the chosen topic and then articulate one objection to the view that has been presented.