How are nurses’ held accountable for their practice?

Please have a look in the attached file for instructions. Following are additional set of instructions to help construct your essay. Please have a look in attached files for more instructions about assignment and marking guide • This paper will discuss nurse’s accountability from three different areas of accountability • 500 words for each example some good examples to use • Accountability towards consent or physical or chemical restraint • Scope of practice • Example 1 delegation responsibilities lto student nurses as RN • Example 3 practicing in their educational capacity • Relate to code of conduct and nursing standards Aphra and nursing board • Current literature 5-8 years preferably 5 • Accountability interest mostly related to nurses not specifically medication administration • Refer to standard instead of lifting it. • This is reflected in this standard or code of conduct- example instead of describing it. It does not even have to be about mentioning the numbers could be like under bullying or harassment. You have no original thoughts so don’t give your own examples. You need literature to support your examples if you do put them in