bsa310 week 3 – Essay Writers

Find a current article about cost-benefit analysis and write a 1- to 2-page paper discussing its relevance to this week’s team assignment.
Assignment Preparation: Activities include completing the SkillSoft® course, watching the® videos, Toolwire®, independent student reading, and research.
Complete the Skillsoft® course, “Principles of Accounting and Finance for Non-financial Professionals.”
Watch the® video, “Financial Literacy: Reading Financial Reports.”
Assignment: Using PeachTree® on Toolwire®, Do not open an existing company or create a new company.  Go to Explore a Sample company.  Choose Stone Arbor Landscaping.   Close the Window that pops up called “What’s new in Peachtree 2010”.  You are now ready to begin. 

Add one new customer using your First Name followed by LLC. Take a screenshot of the result.
Add one new vendor using your Last Name followed by INC. Take a screenshot of the result.
Receive one new payment of $1,111 from the customer. Take a screenshot of the result.
Make a deposit of the above customer payment. Take a screenshot of the result.
Record one new expense of $888 for lunch. Take a screenshot of the result.
Produce an Income Statement report. Take a screenshot of the report.

Do not place your completed work in the Homework or Share folders.
If you need help, select Go in the upper right hand corner and either search for what you want or select the contents tab. It’s highly recommended that you review the help contents first.
Paste each screenshot into one Microsoft® Word file. In addition, provide a 200- to 500-word explanation of the benefits of using software like PeachTree®.
Submit one Microsoft® Word .document containing all screenshots.

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