replies must be 100 original words

1) I have always felt that way about the cost of living in certain places.People love to say that the south pays less than most other areas but thecost of living is less than the places where they pay more so it balancesitself out in the long run. But within the past three years I not see atrend that I did not think I would see in Atlanta where there are moreapartments going up than homes in Atlanta. That trend shows a scarcity ofland to develop new communities in the metro area which is not good. Thereis also a new trend of builders tearing down older homes in well-establishedcommunities and building newer larger homes. Do you think local communitiesshould stop builders from changing the look of established communities?Should they be forced to develop homes in suburban area?Reply (60-100 words):
2) Do you think that in some of the locations where the items are higherthey are taking advantage of supply and demand? I was on a cruise and talkedto one of the crew members and they talked about the same thing. Because theare based on the same ship for such long periods of time they sometimes haveto shop for items where the ship docks and the people who operate the localstores know that some basic household supplies will sale but can charge morebecause of the demand for the items. do you think there should be a cap onwhat companies can charge for some items even in places where those itemsare scarce?Reply (60-100 words):
3) The personal example I have witness of inflation is purchasing groceriesat the grocery store. Everyday items such as eggs, milk, cheese and breadtook the biggest hits and they were hit the first. The word was that thereason for the inflation was because of the increase the cost oftransportation but later it was said it was due to the increase of cost toproducing the item. Has part of the reason why the prices of commoditieshave risen relates to rising fuel prices?Reply (60-100 words):

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