15 PowerPoint slide presentation with detailed speaker notes (Economic)

You are going to be creating no more than 15 slide presentation with detailed speaker notes. You are presenting to a CEO that is concerned about whether there was a correlation between the Great Depression and The “Great” Recession of 2007-09. You are going to be focusing on the similarities and differences between the two challenging economic times. I am going to be grading you on how you presented your information to the CEO. The CEO is going to be from any of these sectors: the banking sector, financial sector, housing sector, or car industry. You will want to focus on some of the similiarities of these two time periods and whether we learned anything. I am giving you some freedom on how you present the information, but make sure that you are focusing on content that you are delivering.


APA Formatting: 20%

Similarities between time periods: 20%

Differences between time periods: 20%

Use of economic terms: 20%

Argument to CEO: 20%

You should be putting most of your content in the detailed speaker notes and not all on the slide!

Must be original work.


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