21st Century Health Care and Counseling

21st Century Health Care and Counseling Marketing plan: SECCOND SECTION (Target Market , Competitors & Substitutes¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦ 21st Century Health Care and Counseling Product description Introduction The provision of health facilities is critical for every citizen. A health nation is very important for the national development and fast economic growth. Thus the key stakeholders in every country should be to provide the best health for the entire stakeholder (Frank, 2013). 21st Century Health Care and Counseling falls under the category of the health care providers and will both provide treatment and supply medicine to all the populations in the United States. The company aim is to ensure that as many as possible citizens of the country are health and thus are able to provide their services to the nations (Frank, 2013). The company want to bank on the niche market they are specializing on, their creativity and past experience on the similar market to offer world class products and services so that the company becomes the partner of the choice. Description of Product or Service 2 1st Century Health Care and Counseling will offer both products and services in the United States market for now and may be with probability of expanding to other countries. The company will both offer products and services to all its customers. The manufacturing of the drugs will be the key line of the 21st Century Health Care Company (Focus on health reforms, 2012). The products will include the various drugs that patients must get prescription from doctors and other licensed medical experts. The introduction of the medical facilities will add to the company’s portfolio of the products and services. These products have a market target of the lean premium or the executive class of the consumers (Lamb, 2011). The products and services will be structured in a way such that the services cater for their dreams of combining healthy safety, comfort and affordability (Luther, 2011). The company will be guided by the customer focus or customer centric approach to include in their lists the drugs and supplements that customers want and not just come up with that the management thinks is the best for the market. The company aims to achieve this by carrying out comprehensive marketing research on the customers’ preference in order for the company to have the best customers’ experience. The fact that the company will offer both a service and products provision industry means that it cannot ignore the services components of the sector. Type of product the company will offer and identify its primary characteristics As mentioned above, the company’s new strategy is to manufacture and supply of drugs to cater for the basic health of the citizens of the United States. The company will cater for the provision of the health related supplements to boost immune of those with the health related challenges. The company will basically supply drugs, health related services equipment’s and components that will manufacture and process healthy drugs. In order for the company to have the best foods, it will carry out a market research to get what the consumers really want. This is in line with their mission commitment to be customers’ centric organization. One of the company’s key strategies will be offering of tailor made products where we will employ the use of customer surveys to be always updated on the needs of our customers (Luther, 2011). The services of the product and how it will be used to enhance the product Despite the fact that the company will be supplying machines drugs and medicine, of equally an important aspect of the same are the services that will accompany the products. The service will define how these drugs and medicine are delivered to the targeted customers and the after purchase follows up. These services will include after sales services, installation and counseling on the usage of the drugs among others. These services should complement the products by ensuring they create a lasting positive lasting experiences and impressions. The other services that the company will offer may include nutritional advisory. This may be carried out by healthy experts hired by the company on the best measures to take if one is already suffering from these foods related ailments. These services must be integrated with products and offered according to the long term vision of the company. This will create the best customers’ experience and will encourage continuous purchases (Rao, 2011). SWOT ANALYSIS The policy of the Company is to study its internal strength, weakness, the opportunities and threats, SWOT analysis in the environments. The SWOT analysis of 21st Century Health Care and counseling competitive edge reveals the following about the firm. 21st Century Health Care and counseling enjoys a variety of strength that will propel the company to make the full usage of the market conditions. Strengths The product will be very competitive as a result of the following strengths. ¢ The company making it is the player in the United States. This means that the company has huge financial, human and other resources. This means that the company can afford to market and develop its products better than the small companies. ¢ The company is well known and that its new product will be embraced faster by the market as the market has good previous history about the company. This could not have been the case if the company is newly established. ¢ The company’s products are highly differentiated and it is difficult for another organization to imitate or copy it easily. This means that the company will enjoy the rights to its inventions. ¢ The company has the strength in the point that it has an experienced and reliable staffs. These will easily promote the new drugs and medicine brands with confidence. ¢ The company has good previous network and linkages with the suppliers and the consumers. ¢ Lastly, of 21st Century Health Care and Counseling has the required staff that will assist in the new products development. Weakness The company has the following key weaknesses. ¢ First, the company is entering a new production line of drugs in which it does not have the complete knowledge. Thus, the company lacks the full capacity to capitalize on this sector of production unlike its competitors. ¢ Secondly, of 21st Century Health Care and Counseling does not have previous records in the new drug development. ¢ Lastly, of 21st Century Health Care and Counseling does not have enough capacity to increase productions. Opportunities The company is presented with the following key opportunities which it can explore to maximize the returns. ¢ The entry into the production of the spirits is an opportunity presented by the changing health and nutritional requirements (Jost, 2013) ¢ The company can explore the opportunity of bottling non-alcoholic drinks and target the Muslim and other community that does not drink alcohol. Thus the company has the opportunity to generate more revenues and remain on top of the competition in the world. Threats The company and the products are exposed to various risks. ¢ First, there is a threat of the competitor’s reaction to counter the new developments. ¢ Secondly, because the drugs and medicine market is liberated, more players may enter the market and make is less attractive. These likely future entrants will eat on the market share of 21st Century Health Care and Counseling. ¢ Lastly there are risk in both the macro and micro environment which may lead to recession and inflations. When there is a recession or high inflation rate, the purchasing power of the consumers is lowered.

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