250 350 words 37

The final course reflection asks you to self assess your learning and growth throughout the course. In 250-350 words, please discuss the ways in which you believe you have developed as a writer as this development relates to the course outcomes listed on the syllabus. For your reference, I have included the course outcomes below.

As you discuss your learning, refer to specific examples, such as assignments, activities, discussions, etc. that you believe best demonstrate your growth as a writer.

Course Outcomes

By the completion of this course, students will be able to successfully:

Compose documents for a variety of audiences, purposes, and professional


Demonstrate an understanding of how documents function in the workplace and that writing often operates through a series of invention, revision, and reflection.

Design documents considering visual elements, such as contrast, alignment, color,and white space.

Consider ethical elements of workplace communication and documentation.

Assess appropriate (digital) writing technologies (i.e. word processors, synchronous and asynchronous technologies, editing software, etc.) and apply these technologies toward composing, designing, editing, and collaborating.