2pages paper apa format a part from group

This is intro to Human Resources management class.

It is a group project, I got the part as below.

GE Compensation Strategy

There are many factors for GE’s success. In addition to the company’s customer-centered theme and the combination of its development plan and social development trend, the most important thing is that the company vigorously develops talents. When the employees of a company are all excellent talents in the same field, the success of the company is inevitable.

Why GE can attract excellent employees

It turns out that high salaries always attract more job seekers. In this way, Ge can select excellent employees from a large number of job seekers. Compared with other companies that offer lower wages, GE has already won the starting line.

(I want to verify that this is an important factor for GE’s success by comparing the salaries of employees.)

APA FORMAT 2PAGES ( include the pay structure decision and employments benefits better)