3 essays 050

Reading Response #1 Prompt:

In your 500 word essay, please discuss how the appropriation of images, strategies, materials, and media resulted in works that critiqued power and capital in both the Appropriation Art movement in the 1970-1990s and in practices in the 2000s that use “traditional crafts” like sewing and ceramics. materials u need to use in first PDF

#2 Prompt:

In your 500 word essay, Apply Petra Kupper’s discussion of any or all of the following: disability, performativity, agency, difference, and the construction of self, to the works of Carmen Papalia, Candoco, or any other artist/artworks that engage these issues. materials in the second PDF

#3 Prompt:

In your 500 word essay, please discuss some of the different strategies and political frameworks used by artists in these readings to effect direct social change. How might you use your own practice to address the current situation at SFAI and/or around issues of inequity underscored by the Covid-19 pandemic? Materials in the links below