3 pages double spaced please read and follow carefully

I am asked to interview someone who works in accounting field, who I admire and wish to emulate, and describe the lessons imparted.

I hope you are an accountant or familiar with the career about accountant. I hope you can write something for students and tell them how to get successful in this filed.

You can answer some questions like “How did you get to where you are now?” “What advice would you have for someone trying to enter this field?” “What should students focus on in school to make myself a more competitive job applicant in this field?” “what you need to prepared before become an accountant” You should answer this kind of questions and you can should answer more this kind of questions. Including how to take test about accountant.

I hope you can write the steps of how do you become a successful in accountant. Writing your experience.

You also need to write how you transition in and out, fail or thrive in this field; and assess if student still want to continue with such path.