3 pages osha causal analysis hamlet chicken plant fire

For the Hamlet, N.C. Chicken Processing Plant fire, imagine yourself doing an accident investigation of the accident, write-up a description of the investigation. Note: You may fabricate (“make-up”) as many details as you need. Note: You don’t include the Initial Response phase of the investigation…..the scene has already been made safe and secured for the investigation.

The write-up should include:

  1. A description of the fact-finding activities you would do, with details about: the evidence you might collect, interviews you would conduct, and documents you would review.
  2. A listing of the facts you find.
  3. A “Why Tree” analysis of the facts you find, specifically listing the causal factors (direct causes, contributing causes, root causes)
  4. The recommendations you make for corrective action
    1. Note: Each root cause you identify must have at least one (1) recommendation for correction

Sources of Information

More details on the attachment also I have provided some sources you can use as well if you have other sources you use them.