3 pages report include pictures as evidence

During this unprecedented and evolving time facing COVID-19 outbreak, local hospitals have widely reported short of masks and personal protective equipments (PPE). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and White House Task Force Officials have recommended mask wearing when going out for essential activities such as clinic visits and grocery shoppings.

The motive of engineering design is to solve some problem into a functioning product. Engineers stand out for challenges of their time. This optional project solicits documentation of homemade mask using only materials available in your house (you are discouraged to visit local stores for materials). You 3 page report should include the following sections with necessary pictures as evidence:

1. Introduction. A brief background, and how you as an engineer decide to stand out to make the mask.

2. Define the problem. Summarize your understanding of the key functions of different mask components, articulate requirements and constraints. Provide quantitative numbers from literature.

3. Concept design, materials and method. How do you reconcile What materials you start with, and what help you receive (YouTube video, family activity?)

4. Results, testing and usage. Did you use it for shopping? Did you donate it (them) to package and mail delivery person?

5. Conclusion. What do you learn from an engineer’s perspective?

6. References.