3 post for 300 words each 900 words total

1. Explain in your own words the retentionist arguments and the abolitionist arguments for the death penalty. Do not simply list the arguments—briefly explain each.

2. Are you for or against the death penalty and why? If you don’t have a firm position on the death penalty, please tell us why?

3. Did any of the information from Chapter 12 change or help you form your opinion about the death penalty?

Please remember that some people are very passionate about their position on the death penalty. This assignment is meant for you think about the various arguments and the information around the death penalty to help you think critically about the topic. Some people may find that their opinion on the subject will change over time. Please remember to be respectful of each other and follow the Netiquette outlined in your syllabus.

Pay close attention to the grading rubric in the syllabus, which I have also pasted below. You will not earn full credit if you do not meet the minimum word requirement, follow the instructions, demonstrate that you can connect the materials from your textbook to the question, answer all parts of the question and, as always, cite any sources that you use. This is your last discussion board assignment and I want you all to earn full credit, so please contact me if you need clarification on any part of this assignment.

Discussion Board Grading Rubric


300 word length minimum for each post


Follows assignment instructions


Critical analysis of assigned topic; answers and arguments are supported by factual information and/or examples


Proper APA citations for all sources, including reading and outside sources; proper grammar, proofread and edited


Demonstrates understanding of assigned reading and learning module concepts



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