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In this Case Analysis activity, you will analyze supply chain challenges.

First review the analysis guidelines below:

Then, read the following chapter:

This is a chapter in the book Cases on Supply Chain and Distribution Management: Issues and Principles by Miti Garg and Sumeet Gupta. Alternative access directions: This article is also available on the ebrary database, accessed via Hunt Library’s research databases. Note: Accessing this link successfully requires you to first access the eBrary database available on this Hunt Library page (Links to an external site.). Then select this link (Links to an external site.) to view the article on the ebrary database.

Adhering to the Case Analysis Guidelines, analyze the collaboration process Boeing used to manufacture the Dreamliner compared to the manufacturing process of previous Boeing models.

The analysis should be two to three pages. In addition, include a cover page, abstract, and reference list page. All sources must be appropriately and correctly cited following APA style guidelines.