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via Merriam-Webster:

&” reckon with:

to take (or fail to take) into account”;

Write an essay in which you reckon with your primary essay and its ideas; in doing so, you’ll tell your reader more about that essay’s ideas but also, and perhaps more importantly, develop an idea of your own. Unlike the Deepening essay, you will not simply “borrow” and engage with an idea from a primary text– rather you will grapple with the totality of the primary text by identifying and articulating its argumentative/logistical LIMITATIONS and by putting it into CONVERSATION WITH OTHER TEXTS* that share similar conceptual concerns but differ in approach and application.

Your job here is to both acknowledge and challenge the thinking of your primary text. “Yes, Essayist,” you’ll say (not literally, though using your own voice—the “I”;–is welcome in this essay if it suits your needs), “I see and understand your idea/thinking/argument—but isn’t there more to say about this? Isn’t it all just a bit more complicated than you’re letting on? Aren ‘t you not considering x, y, and z?” While it may seem bold, even arrogant to suggest the essayist’s thinking is incomplete or insufficient, your authority will come from your careful curating and analysis of

additional sources of evidence—mainly written, but perhaps also visual or experiential—that aim to account for what’s lacking in the primary text and broaden the conversation in illuminating and surprising ways.

This essay should have 4-5 sources:

* Your primary essay

* At least ONE additional essay from the Zotero digital anthology, though you can certain use as many Zotero texts as

you wish (the essays I linked/attached for you on our stream can also satisfy this requirement)

* An additional written text, though there is flexibility in terms of genre (essay, article, research, poem, story, play,

novel) and where/how you locate it

* Another source that may be something experiential or visual, such as a piece of art (sculpture, photograph, painting), a film, a song, or even a scientific theory, something historical, something in the news, current events, etc.

Remember: your encounter with this non-text evidence is also welcome if it serves the essay in some meaningful way. You arenot required, however, to have a first-person reflection of evidence in this essay if you wish to!

* You have permission to use ONE of the texts you already explored in your Deepening essay, if it is relevant and if you are committed to thinking about it in this new context

In this essay, you should aspire to demonstrate the following skills:

* Analyzing a text’s formal features and considering their relationship to idea

* Developing a written conversation among a group of thematically related texts

* Incorporating texts in a meaningful way (through a shared conceptual concern and context that you identify)

* Showing an understanding of texts by restating their ideas in your own words with a citation of key phrases and


* Building on your reading of texts to generate reflection and to substantiate an idea of your own

5-6 pages, typed, double-spaced + a proper Work Cited page.


this is link for zotero

The first PDF is the primary test, second is the rubric and third one is a sample essay.