6questions survey of art history

1.Discuss the sculpture of the Goddess Coatlicue in relation to the Aztec belief system.

2.Looking at Native American bead work (such as the Sioux baby carrier 27-13 and the Delaware bandolier bag 27-14) examine how trade with Europe transformed style and materials of artworks.

3.Discuss the importance of tattoo in many Pacific cultures.

4.Meeting houses were (and are) particularly important for Polynesian cultures. Looking at the Maori Meeting House in New Zealand 28-11, discuss the role these houses play in society and discuss the symbolism used in their construction.

5.Explain the role of masquerade in African art by analyzing the rite-of-passage ceremony of the Bwa culture.

6.Using the Reliquary Guardian (Eyema-O-Byeri) of the Fang people in Africa as your example, discuss the role of ancestors in this culture.