750 words minimum about fallacies amp rhetoric in article

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After you have read “How the Coronavirus Shattered Trump’s Serene Confidence”, carefully review the the “Guide to Writing a rhetorical analysis”. Under the”guide to writing a rhetorical analysis” answer the prompt labeled under the ‘RESPOND’ heading. Keep in mind that this is a Rhetorical Analysis of the article I provided (“How the Coronavirus Shattered Trump’s Serene Confidence” – Article in the module) should be written entirely in THIRD person. Do not weave in your personal story or opinions unless you can substantiate them with facts from the text.

You will use the language of Rhetorical Strategy such as Ethos, Pathos, Logos while discussing any fallacies you think are present in the article.

You will use this article for this prompt; you WILL NOT use any other article for this essay.

This essay MUST:

  1. Meet all MLA requirements (30% reduction in grade [rough draft and final copy] if not MLA compliant)
  2. You must include 3-5 quotes from the text. The Works cited information is provided for you in the article.
  3. Rough Draft is due Via Peer Review Discussion April 12 (750-1000 words)