7601ICT Information System Foundations

7601ICT Information System Foundations

information systems foundations. Fallons would like you to analyse an existing human activity system within the organisation’s overall business that suffers from issues and needs improvement (this can be fictitious but must be realistic based on what you know about the service providers in the real world).

You are to suggest a new information system for a specific purpose, which can help Fallons, overcome those issues and perform better (the system can be an improved version of an existing system).

You then need to come up with recommendations for improving on the identified human activity system so that the organisation can provide a more effective/efficient service or so that the organisation can be more successful.

Note: the chosen information systems can do anything you like. It is up to you to do some research around Fallons so that you become familiar with their activity systems and can therefore consider the nature of the information systems that might be used.


Assignment Objectives:

• shown competence in finding, reading, analysing and synthesising materials from the course readings and applied this material in the writing of your report

• made use of the concepts, theories, models and ideas introduced in the course to understand and analyse the requirements to make well-founded recommendations

• researched and understood the purpose and operational context of the customer experience at the organisation in terms of the identified human activity system

• shown creativity and initiative in understanding and capturing the organisation customer experience

• identified, based on the afore-mentioned research, a new information system and its associated human activity system that you will recommend to the organisation together with a brief discussion of its implications for the business of the organisation.

• described the expected impact of the new information system on the organisation’s performance and various stakeholders; and

• used analogies, where information was not available, to make logical and relevant assumptions.

• exhibited knowledge of methods and approaches applicable to the discipline of information systems

• critically reflected upon the case and your solutions, evaluating your solutions, and required, justifying your solutions/recommendations by synthesising theoretical and conceptual frameworks, and have, as appropriate consulted academic literature from peer reviewed sources such as academic journals/literature.

Part 1) An overall analysis of the business of Fallons:

In this part of the assignment, you will analyse the overall business of the organisation by addressing the following requirements:

a) Provide information about the organisation and locate relevant information about its strategy, how it competes in the market place, and its operations. Some basic information has been provided in the assignment but you will need to undertake Web research of your own to find this information.

b) Describe the organisational form of the organisation using Mintzberg’s classification. Justify your answer.

c) Drawing the knowledge of the organisation that you have gained through research, and on the framework of Porter’s value chain model, identify and describe the primary and support activities of the organisation. Diagrammatically represent the value chain of the organisation using Porter’s Value Chain Model.

d) Integrating your knowledge of the organisation, with your understanding of competition as explained by Porter, analyse the competitive strategy of the organisation. Justify the conclusions you reach in your analysis.

Part 2) Analysing an existing human activity system that is problematic:

In this part of the assignment, you will analyse the organisation’s activities and identify aspects of an existing human activity system within the organisation which are potentially problematic and then answer the questions below:

a) Identify an existing human activity system supporting the organisation which is identified by some stakeholders as being problematic and suffering from issues (problems). Also, list the stakeholders of this human activity system and define their roles. Justify your views.

b) Draw a comprehensive rich picture showing the issues and the concerns of the stakeholders you have identified in the problematic activity system. c) Draw a process model using the BPMn notation for the process of the existing human activity system you have identified.

d) Use the DeLone-McLean Model of Information System Success to describe the areas in which the existing human activity system is not successful.

e) Describe measures of success (efficiency, efficacy, and effectiveness) for the existing human activity system identified, and explain using success measures where the HAS falls short. Validate your explanation.

Part 3) Suggesting a new Information System to support the HAS in part 2:

In this part of the assignment, you will suggest a new information system for a specific purpose which can help the organisation overcome those issues identified in part 2, and perform better. This must be a new or modified information system. Answer the following questions with regards to the new information system:

a) Identify a new information system which can clearly add value to the business of the organisation (is it a primary or secondary activity according to Porter’s value model). Provide a clear justification of how the information system will add value to the business of the organisation. Make sure you also list the likely stakeholders of this new information system and define their roles.

b) Describe the data and information that the new system involves, explain the types of knowledge that the new information system can create, and develop an argument as to how it can inform decision-making.

c) Draw a process model using the BPMn notation for the new information system you have devsied.

d) Classify the new information system within the organisation as either: front-end, back-end, customer-facing, or supplier-facing; and explain why.

e) Consider your proposed information system in terms of the dimensions of impact of your proposed new information system within the organisation for all stakeholders. Discuss the effects of the system and its impact. information systems foundations

f) Discuss how you will evaluate your system making reference to measures of success (efficiency, efficacy, and effectiveness). Consult literature other than the lecture notes in formulating the evaluation. Reference any external literature using APA style.

Part 4) Recommendations and reflection

a) Compose a memo to organisation management that communicates your recommendations for how to make use of the new information system such that system failure is avoided and better service is provided to customers. You may use bullet points to list your recommendations. Consult some academic literature (e.g. peer reviewed journal/conference or text) to expand your knowledge of effective use of information systems, and base some of your recommendations on this reading.

Remember to reference correctly any literature you use. Your report must be submitted using the mandated template, and follow the exact format of the template. See the marking criteria. The template will be provided in the same place that you downloaded this assignment specification document. information systems foundations

During the workshops, on a weekly basis, your workshop tutor will be making links between the course material and giving you more guidance on the assignment to help you deliver the above report. In particular, you will be given practical exercises that are similar in nature to those required in the assignment. information systems foundations

The workshop exercises are therefore very important to developing the skills required for the assignment. Workshop attendance is therefore essential and your attendance will be recorded. Please refer to your workshop demonstrator in workshops for further clarification or questions.