a 1 5 pages report on importance of soil assignment

Choose one of the topics below and research it. Write a report on your findings that answers the question or explains the concept and shows why it is relevant to your life.

a. Define soil and explain how it is developed.

b. Describe the functions of soil.

c. Specify the importance of soil in the lives of humans.

Minimum Requirements:
1. The paper must be typed in 12 point font and at least 1.5 pages in length. The paper may be double-spaced.
2. At least two credible references must be properly cited. (MLA)

3. All work must be original. No plagiarism! Any use of another’s ideas without giving credit will result in an automatic zero.

4. Papers will be graded on content (amount of good information, accuracy, etc.) and mechanics (grammar, spelling, and punctuation.)