A 3D Animated Legoland

A 3D Animated Legoland Individual Tutor: Scarlett Xiao Internal Moderator: Kate Williams Forename: Family Name: SRN: Year Code: Marks Awarded %: Marks Awarded after Lateness Penalty applied %: Penalties for Late Submissions Late submission of any item of coursework will be capped at a minimum pass mark if received up to one week late. Any submission received more than one week late will be awarded a mark of zero. Late submission of referred coursework will automatically be awarded a mark of zero. Please refer to your student handbook for details about the grading schemes used by the School when assessing your work. Guidance on assessment will also be given in the Module Guide. If you are unable to complete this assignment by the required deadline then please ensure you understand the University’s policy on Serious Adverse Circumstances that may have affected your assessment(s). Full guidance on making a claim can be found in either in your Programme Handbook or module guide. Information is also available on your Programme Website and in the œA “ Z of the University of Hertfordshire. The A-Z Guide can be found in the Student Support section on StudyNet. Guidance on avoiding academic assessment offences such as plagiarism and collusion is given at this URL: UNIVERSITY OF HERTFORDSHIRE School of Engineering and Technology Page 2 of 3 ASSIGNMENT BRIEF This Assignment assesses the following module Learning Outcomes: “ Evaluate appropriate data structures and algorithms used to represent and render realistic 3-dimensional scenes “ Use an appropriate high-level language and API to create and manipulate images of 3- dimensional objects “ Create a simple, interactive, virtual reality environment using a modelling language such as VRML Assignment Brief: Use VRML to design and create animated 3D Legoland scenes, with the following functional requirements: “ Minimum 4 Legoland objects to be built and animated with the use of primitive shapes, lines, faces and extrusion techniques. “ Minimum 3 different types of interpolators to be applied for the animations “ Minimum 3 different types of user interactions to be implemented “ Animations should be realistic movements “ Use of colours, textures are compulsory Submission Requirements: Online submission through StudyNet to include: “ 3-page report on description and discussion of different stages of your work, plus no more than 3 pages for reference, name your report as LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_STUDENTID.pdf; “ Your final VRML program, name your program as LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_STUDENTID.wrl; “ Any inline files and any other supplementary images or data This assignment is worth 30% of the overall grade for this module. Marks Awarded for: “ 60% Programming: A working VRML code which meets the functional requirements stated in the Assignment Aims. No other programming languages or software are allowed to be used in this assignment. Inclusion of chunks of non-understandable and nonworking code will be penalised heavily by deducting 20% of the mark that you will get. “ 30% Report: Original and concise description and discussion of the work done. “ 10% Progress Check: There will be a check of your progress in doing this assignment at the beginning of Semester B. A note to the Students: 1. For undergraduate modules, a score above 40% represent a pass performance at honours level. 2. For postgraduate modules, a score of 50% or above represents a pass mark. 3. Modules may have several components of assessment and may require a pass in all elements. For further details, please consult the relevant Module Guide or ask the Module Leader. UNIVERSITY OF HERTFORDSHIRE School of Engineering and Technology Page 3 of 3 Typical (hours) required by the student(s) to complete the assignment: 50 hours Date Work handed out: 18th October 2013 Date Work to be handed in: 25th March 2014 Target Date for the return of the marked assignment: 29th April 2014 Type of Feedback to be given for this assignment: Marking scheme will be published alongside with the assignment details. Assignment feedback will be provided through marking matrix.

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