A Fundamental Global Problem

A Fundamental Global Problem Paper instructions: Identify one fundamental global problem. (A fundamental problem is a problem that is at the root of other problems. Some think population growth is a fundamental problem; others think it is globalization; others think it is women’s injustice or women’s lack of education.) 1) Provide a brief argument for why the problem you have identified is a fundamental problem. (Use reason and facts to support your argument.) 2) Suggest an approach to improving this fundamental problem. In order to do this you will need to justify assigning remedial responsibilities to one group and not another, and then you need to suggest what measures the responsible agents may use to remedy the situation (e.g. can they make the situation œbetter by force?). 3) Finally, identify some plausible criticisms of your argument and proposal and offer a short reply. In order to do this assignment you need to become familiar with the following reading materials: œFamine, Affluence, and Morality, by Peter Singer œLifeboat Ethics: The Case Against Helping the Poor, by Garrett Hardin œPopulation: Delusion and Reality, by Amartya Sen œ’Saving Amina’: Global Justice for Women and Intercultural Dialogue, by Alison Jaggar Go through the readings carefully and select what is relevant for your essay. I want to see evidence of your engaging with all four articles, and not just one or two. Please quote important passages from the text, but do not quote whole paragraphs! Your paper should be about 5 pages long: 4 ½ is OK and 5 ½ is OK, but less or more is not. The paper should be double spaced with 12 font, Times New Roman, and no more than 1 inch margins on all sides. You need to cite your quotes with (Author name and paragraph number).

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