a group discussion you only need to answer 3 4 questions you want to answer

Module 8 will be rather busy, and perhaps for the first time the reading and discussion might be less critical than the focus on getting in our documented essay. We will read a very interesting short story by one of the most influential writers of the last century. Juan Rulfo’s very short novel Pedro Paramo had an enormous influence on major writers of the last century, one of the most important being Gabriel Garcia-Marquez. After reading his enigmatic and challenging short story “Tell Them Not to Kill Me When They Come,” we will discuss a variety of issues, many of which we do not think about on a first reading of a story.

Module 8: Discussing Rulfo’s “Tell Them Not to Kill Me When They Come”

After you have read the Rulfo story, think about the following questions and post substantive answers to several of them: then, of course, post a minimum of TWO substantive posts to other student comments and discussions.

Who is the main character”

What is this story actually about? Sounds easy, right?

Why does the colonel speak to the main character but not look at him? Did you think about this?

What is the son’s attitude toward his father, saving his father, carrying him back home?

How is this the story of two sons?

What do the sons have in common? Which one suffered the most?

What is the theme of this story if you had to break it down to one line?

Is the setting of the story important? How?