A Reader on Classical Islam

This essay will be based on the analysis of a single primary source of your choice (a source from the period under analysis). This source can be on any topic but it must originate in the geographical region of the Middle East or the greater Islamic World from any time between the 7th century CE and the 20th century CE. Your job will be the following: To describe the author, substance, and historical context of the source (i.e. who wrote it, what does it say, under what historical circumstances was it written). To explain what it tells us about the historical period in which it was written (i.e. why should historians care about it.) The paper should be 1,250-1,300 words long (use the ‘word count’ function), double-spaced, 12 point font, with 1″ margins. Your argument should be supported by direct references to the primary source and the class readings. Please do not do outside research beyond your selection of primary source. You will be graded on the following criteria: Your ability to write an introductory paragraph that states a clear argument Your ability to build that argument over a series of well-crafted paragraphs. Your ability to support that argument with references to specific texts in footnotes (according to the Chicago Manual of Style or the Kate Turabian Manual for Writers).