a sociology research paper exploring the relationship between gender political views and support for the death penalty

MUST HAVE SPSS dataset knowledge and how to use it on your computer. Will provide you with the dataset you need to use. I will attach a series of documents that break up components of the paper that the professor created. With these documents the professor outlines how he wants each section of the paper to be formatted. Please follow his directions as he is very picky. I am only allowed a certain number of documents to upload on this website. Once we are in contact I can provide you with the rest of the documents through email or any form of communication you prefer. This research paper must be great as my graduation status depends on it. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. THIS PAPER REQUIRES ALOT OF WORK AND I DON’T HAVE MUCH TIME TO GIVE. I need you to not PROCRASTINATE. WILL TIP ALOT IF YOU CAN PULL THIS OFF. There’s alot of components to this paper as it is IN DEPTH RESEARCH PAPER. I need you to be serious and proactive with this assignment. Please make sure you can complete it before you accept.