a summary of similarities and differences between the two generations on dating

MLA format 12pt. 4 pages double spaced (separate work cited page)

Incorporate some previous research on the topic dating (3 peer reviewed sources) NO .org INFORMATION

For this paper, you will conduct two interviews on a particular topic in gender roles in dating. The interviews must be from two different generations. Then, you will compare and contrast differences and similarities between the generations. You will also incorporate THREE (3) outsides sources (peer-reviewed journal articles, books).

The 4 questions you can ask the respondents can be

  • What is your definition of dating? What was dating like for you? (or What is dating like for you?)
  • How do you feel about dating today versus your generation? What is the same? What has changed? Better or worse? (older generation)
  • Do you think dating is better today than in the past? What are your thoughts about what dating was like in the past? (younger generation)
  • In getting people to talk more, ask them about experiences or examples. Also ask them to “tell me more about that.”
  • Where do you (or did you) get advice about dating?

If you have any questions lmk 🙂