AA meeting

describe: 1. The milieu or environment. 2. Tthe group process”what was going on in the meeting for example you might comment on the leadership of the group, the behaviors of the group or of individuals in the group that you noted. Was there a silence, did members of the group talk by invitation etc. 3. How were issues brought to the floor? How did you know that others in the room had similar problems or situations? 4. Behavior exhibited by group members: verbal/nonverbal, supportive or distant. 5. Any themes? What do you remember about the group conversation/ 6. Your personal feelings regarding the experience. This is a major part of the paper . Along with your personal perspective what did the meeting ignite in you or allow to come to your consciousness? How could this help patients who are alcoholic or their significant others? WE ARE A LEADING RESEARCH FIRM OFFERING AFFORDABLE RESEARCH SERVICES TO STUDENTS ON ALL SUBJECTS. ORDER NOW AND GET YOUR PAPER IN AS LITTLE AS 3 HOURS!!

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