abstract read the article and write abstract which should be between 115 120 words

* Read the attached article and write one paragraph abstract paper should be between 115 – 120 words. Please follow all the requirements which are in this message.

Thank You !

These are some of the things we’re looking for:

– Writing in a succinct, maximally informative way
– Using (e.g., ) and (i.e., ) correctly
– Using transition words to connect ideas
– Using Effect vs Affect correctly
– Using the term Participants instead of Subjects

This assignment is worth 10 points. Here is the grading breakdown:

5 points for error-free writing (e.g., no misspelled words, no significant grammatical errors)

1 point for appropriate usage of e.g. or i.e.

1 point for appropriate usage of transition words (e.g., additionally, furthermore)

1 point for not exceeding 120 words, but no less than 115 words (100-120 sweet spot!!) – DO NOT GO OVER 120

2 points for quality of summary (e.g., covering the main points, writing clear and concise)

As stipulated on the syllabus, all writing assignments are due on blackboard by 4pm, and there is a 2 point penalty for every day late.