according to the textbook what are the peace officers bill of rights pobr and why were they enacted fully discuss the three common provisions of the pobr

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Introduce the topic to the reader in 3-5 sentences. Leave the body for the facts. Focus on a strong thesis statement leading into the body of paper. Let the last sentence in the introduction be the thesis statement. Use the 5-paragraph essay model. Paragraph 1: Intro, Paragraphs 2-4: body, and Paragraph 5: Conclusion. As a guide, introduction and conclusion should be at least 3 sentences and body paragraphs at least 5.

Question from BCJ 515 Criminal Justice Administration. Text: Justice Administration: Police, Courts and Corrections Management 8th Edition, 2016. ISBN: 9780133591194. Author: Kenneth J. Peak.Essay must contain material from textbook.

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