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Question no 1- CASE STUDY

a. What do you mean by intermediaries and its role in present scenario?

b. What do you mean by status of bank regulation, with reference to the Saudi Arabian bank?

c. What are the main kinds of liquid investment, which are being used, in the banking system in Saudi Arabia, relate with reference to the SAMA and Bank regulatory institutions of Saudi Arabia. Give detail information in your own words.


Question no 2-

As we know that, presently the local Saudi Arabian banks are helping in all respect to boost the economy, in spite of all, how the Saudi Arabian bank managers are managing the all kinds of risks involved in the local market liquidity as well as the international capital requirements to cover the risks?

How it is going to ease and solve the current financial requirement of the markets? Explain in your own words. (Case study)


Question no 3-

Recently ARAMCO, one of the leading petrochemical company has issued some kinds of bonds in the history of Saudi Arabia. ( ) – CASE STUDY

a. What will be the effect of this kind of bond in local securities market?

b. How will you correlate with business and industrial development in Saudi Arabica?

c. How it is going to boost the economy? Give detailed information about the whole process in your own words.