Activity 8.1 – Sandy & Nora Podcast

Listen to 1. After listening to the episode of your choice, summarize the themes and discussions of the podcast. You should structure this summary to be a larger teaser than the one that’s already present on the Sandy & Nora website (250 words). 2. What is/are the issue(s) that Sandy and Nora are tackling in this podcast and what story are they trying to tell about what social justice would look like in this instance? (150-250 words) 3. Drawing on Marshall Ganz’s “The Power of Story in Social Movements” discuss how Sandy and Nora discuss leadership, community organization and social movements (250-500 words). 4. How do Sandy and Nora frame the issue they are speaking about in their podcast similarly or differently from how mainstream media might talk about it? (250-300 words).