adminsstation of justice 200 4 11arson

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**The work load should be around 200-300 word count total**

Watch the video:

then read pages 399- 401 on the textbook

Read the the news story in the following link :…

Then analyze the case and decide what charges you would issue against the suspect in this case. Use your knowledge of what we learned about homicide from week 10, and consider the “attempt” crimes we talked about last week.

There are a lot of facts about this case that we don’t know from the article. So you can make some assumptions or add some facts and explain how they would apply to the charges you chose.

For example, if you write that you need to investigate what happened before the fire, and you found out the suspect talked to a friend about setting the fire and they bought the gasoline together, then you could possibly charge conspiracy. So in your answer, you can add some facts like I did and then discuss how they relate to the charges you would file