Adult Learning Principle- Adult Learning Theory

Description Write mini-paper of 3 pages about your adult learning principles. Your ideas will integrate the adult learning theories you have studied, and you will provide citations documenting the research behind your principle. Your focus is to generate the adult learning principles that will guide you throughout your career in designing as well as learning, facilitating, presenting and instructing any adult learning opportunity- from meetings to conferences to skill training. In addition, these principles will adapt seamlessly to the online learning world. IMPORTANT! Points earned through strong thesis, strong opening, middle and conclusion, concise and clear expression. pointe lost through poor grammar, inability to declare a thesis (purpose, focus, stand) and support it, sloppy or rambling sentences and paragraphs. Your product includes:  * Principles that guide how you design and facilitate the learning of others. * reference to theories and ideas you are learning from the readings, with brief citations (not interested in a paper that is half quotes from another source) * At least two citations from sources outside the course readings. * Demonstration of your knowledge of adult learning theory, classic and emerging