Advances and Disadvantages of Mobil Phones Contribution to Society

Description (THIS PAPER IS ON MOBIL PHONES!!!!!  Advances in technology have had a pervasive influence on society: the way we work, learn, interact with others and relax. Some of these advances have both benefitted our lives and engendered serious social and ethical problems. Using the articles presented in class as well as lecture material, select a technological issue that exhibits the characteristics explained above. Research the issue to determine different opinions and perspectives. Then, take a stand on the issue and present your point of view, reflecting on how we can be responsible users of technology. Back up your position with concrete facts. You must use a minimum of three references that should be submitted on a Reference page in any acceptable format such as MLA or APA. Note when you write your paper, use the following paragraph headings: • Introduction of the Issue • Description and Implications in Society of the Issue • Position on the Issue Topic is on Mobil Phones