africa and the early christian wor

  • Go through Art Slides, Chapter III
  • Go through the power point presentation “North and Northeast Africa in Early World History”
  • Go through the power point presentation “Africa and the Early Christian World”
  • Watch the entire Part 2 (52 minutes), entitled “The Crescent and the Cross (Links to an external site.),” of the video s
  • As you engage with the questions below, you should clearly mark which question you are dealing with in a specific answer by indicating its number.
    1. Why was the Nile River so important to the Egyptian people and the Egyptian state?
    2. How were the speakers of Bantu languages able to become the dominant population in the southern half of Africa?
    3. Why did Islam initially expand by conquest? Can you distinguish between the expansion of Arab power and the spread of Islam?
    4. How did Ghana, Mali, and Songhay become wealthy and powerful empires even though they failed to gain control of the gold-mining regions?