African History & Culture

1. In chapter 7 of the book, Africa in Global History, Robert Harms showed us how African societies on the Indian Ocean and Mediterranean regions were challenged by the arrival of European war capitalism starting around 1498 CE. a. How did the arrival and activities of the Portuguese between the 15th and 17th centuries impact the East African peoples and city-states? b. Explain how the Dutch sea route patterns led to the establishment of Cape Colony on the southern-tip of Africa. And how did this settlement affect the local Khoikhoi and San peoples of southern Africa? IMPORTANT INFORMATION – Please, Read Carefully! Engage the materials and produce quality essays. Writing any of those questions will require you to demonstrate strong evidence that you READ the appropriate chapter(s) and/or recommended materials very well. 2. Do not re-type the textbook for me. 3. Your essay should be minimum of 1200 words in length, no maximum; double-spaced, 12- points font.