after completing the interest groups unit formulate a focus question that offers either a broad or specific analysis of the material you can focus on how interest groups influence government or you can analyze a specific interest group and its target p

After completing the Interest Groups Unit, formulate a focus question that offers either a broad or specific analysis of the material. You can focus on how Interest Groups influence government or you can analyze a specific Interest Group and its target policy.

Please select an Interest Group to illustrate your answers.

Once you have constructed your question, you should submit a short analysis based answer.

The student will construct the question and then offer an answer. The evaluation of the response will be based on the quality of both the question constructed and the solution.

This is not an analytical paper, but a summary analysis of your knowledge of the concepts in this chapter. The response should be about 300 words (one page). Students posting less than a 300 word response will get reduced or no credit.

Is Net Neutrality Good Policy?

Control over the internet has been a topic that is subject to debate and divisions among people. Since the advent of the internet, the government has developed measures to protect citizens on the internet. In 2015, FCC decided to create three primary standards with the aim of bringing about net neutrality. They included developing a law where cable and phone companies could not block any websites, could not discriminate against certain websites, and could also not prioritize certain websites (The Federalist Society.2016). These moves were aimed at creating net neutrality where no sites would be blocked or favored when it comes to access by the general public. I think the movement is one that supports the development of an independent body or panel which has complete control over the internet. In the past, there have been many bodies that have control over the internet. Such an instance has often led to a situation where conflicting laws and regulations are developed for the web.

When a single independent body or panel is established, there is an excellent likelihood that it would be the only form of authority on the internet. Such an aspect would mean that it would be the only one responsible for developing laws and enforcing them (The Federalist Society. 2016). Such a situation means that there would be more control over the internet, unlike where different bodies are created to pursue the same initiative. Despite the many pros that are associated with coming up with such a panel, there is a need to have another body that looks into the activities of such a committee. As had been the case in the past, when an organization is given autonomous power over something, there is an excellent likelihood that such authority may be abused. Any abuse of power would be elemental to internet users.


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